Fifth Harmony Drops New Collab With Gucci Entitled Down

Fifth Harmony- Drop ft. Gucci Mane

Fifth Harmony’s new single Down is here

Fifth Harmony- Drop ft. Gucci Mane

Down features Gucci Mane and has a vibe that echoes “Work from Home” in a fresh way.

Like that song, “Down” also touches on themes of romantic frustration, but this time around, the 5H gals sing about how the objects of their affection are totally worth figuring out, impatience and miscommunications aside.

“Down” is also Fifth Harmony’s first single without Camila Cabello in the group.

Not that there was any doubt, but Down is a strong indication that the quartet is confidently moving into their next chapter.

Currently the single is #2 on the Itunes charts.

Check out their fierce performance from Good Morning America this morning here.

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