Hustle Gang Is Set To Release We Want Smoke Album

Hustle Gang is coming.

Recently, the Grand Hustle Records collective revealed the tracklist and release date for their first ever album, We Want Smoke.

The project, which will be the collective’s first since last year’s HGOE mixtape, includes 17 tracks and will provide a fresh look at the Grand Hustle Records roster.

RaRa, Yung Booke, Tokyo Jetz, Translee, London Jae, B.o.B, Trae Tha Truth and T.I. all making appearances on the album.

30 Roc, Weezy Beats, Lex Lugar, Stroud, and Turbo will handle the production.

We Want Smoke is set to drop on Fri., Oct. 13.

Check out the tracklist for the project below.

Pre-order it on iTunes now.

Hustle Gang’s We Want Smoke Tracklist 

1. “Want Smoke” Feat. London Jae, Yung Booke, Dro, Tip (Prod. Mitch Mula)
2. “Friends” Feat. Tip, RaRa, Brandon Rossi, Tokyo Jetz, Trae Tha Truth, B.o.B, & Young Dro (Prod. RaRa & Scuffle)
3. “Game 7” Feat. Tip, RaRa, & Brandon Rossi (Prod. RaRa, Brandon Rossi, & The Supersonics)
4. “That Bag” Feat. Young Thug, Tip, Young Dro, Trev Case (Prod. Trev Case)
5. “Trappin On Forgis” Feat. Tip, Lex, Trae Tha Truth, & London Jae (Prod. Dave O)
6. “Go Off” Feat. B.o.B, Tip, Yung Booke, Tokyo Jetz, Trae Tha Truth, Young Dro (Prod. Sho Nuff)
7. “So High” Feat. Peanut Da Don, London Jae, Young Dro, & Tip (Prod. Nottz)
8. “Gateway” Feat. Translee, Yung Booke, Tokyo Jetz, Ink (Prod. Turbo & WheezyBeats)
9. “My Block Feat. Tip, London Jae, Young Dro, B.o.B, 5ive Mics(Prod. 30 roc)
10. “Do No Wrong” Feat. GFMBRYYCE, Young Dro & Tip (Prod. J Wells, j Cash, S Dot)
11. “Still Young” Feat. B.o.B, Translee, & Tip (Prod. Turbo)
12. “Talk My Shit” Feat. Peanut Da Don, Trae Tha Truth, Young Dro (Prod. Everybody Know Stroud)
13. “Who Gone Check Me” Feat. GFMBRYYCE, Translee, Young Booke, Young Dro, Tip (Prod. Turbo)
14. “Sometimes” Feat. Tip & Young Dro (Prod. RaRa)
15. “Weight” Feat. Translee, Trae Tha Truth, B.o.B & Kim (Prod. Ben Wagu)
16. “Roll The Dice” Feat. Rara, GFMBRYYCE, Translee, Brandon Rossi (Lex Lugar)
17. “Trenches Reloaded” Feat. Peanut Da Don & Tip (Prod. Money)

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