Hustle Gang’s Yung Booke Releases His Video For Rain | @iAmYungBooke

Rain Video

A stand-out artist on T.I.’s Hustle Gang roster is Yung Booke

Rain Video

He has been putting in some heavy work over the past few years.

He recently released his official video for single Rain.

Yung Booke’s latest effort might be one of his best singles yet.

The song details the paranoia of being in the streets and the trust issues that come along with it.

While people act like they are your homie to your face, behind one’s back is when true colors show.

The visuals for Rain has Booke in the trap with his homies, counting money before someone he knows breaks into his house to rob him while he isn’t home.

It shows how the people closest to you are the first ones to snake you behind your back.

Along with the video for “Rain,” Yung Booke also comes through with a behind the scenes of his last tour.

It gives you a more detailed glimpse into the life and career of Booke.

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