Joey Bada$$ With A Strong Message In “Temptation” Video

Joey Bada$$ can’t take it much more facing “Temptation”

Being very conscious of the racism and world events on a daily, Joey Bada$$ comes with the video
that can describe many’s issues yet overcoming in a positive way. “Temptation” comes off the album
“All-Amerikkkan Bada$$” fueling a lot of today’s struggles just within the States alone.

This video here breaks it down with the young girl coming heart felt on not understanding why people
dislike her or those in her neighborhood due to skin color.Being within Brooklyn Heights through out
the video, Joey states on how his upbringing was leading him into doing things that weren’t prospering
yet found a way to stay out of harm’s way and to elevate his voice on a higher platform.

Message is uplifting to fuel many that you too can get yourself out of the mud to enjoy life
and not suffer anymore with “Temptation”.

Watch here on JennThePR

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